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Coloring and shading, mostly.
Horriblenight by Vestiphile
Horriblenight by Vestiphile

It's basically my Friday, so we will go until I fall asleep at the tablet. Show up before then for best experience.
I owe saralexxia some finished works, so that's what I'll be working on tonight.
For most of the stream! Until 12AM for sure.
Streaming from 8PM to about 11PM.
Streamin' on a Sunday. Planning on finishing up any outstanding 2018 inks and doing some coloring. We'll see how long I'm about.
Horriblenight by Vestiphile
Happy Valentine's Day!
Banging out some recent things.

Up ahead:
To avoid everyone else eating out at stunning restaurants today, K and I will be doing *our* Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow night, so this week's Patron request stream will be Friday sometime in the late afternoon or evening.
Horriblenight by Vestiphile

I'll be on an a half-hour.